Although most of these HOWTOs were written originally for the TS-590S, they should also be applicable to the TS-590SG.

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HOWTO set up the Kenwood TS-590S for Digital Data and Digital Voice Operation


2 Dec 2012

Ian Wade, G3NRW

Basic setup for digital operation with packages such as fldigi, etc, and digital voice operation using FDMDV. Minor update


HOWTO connect the Kenwood TS-590S to the SDR-IQ Software Defined Receiver


2 Sep 2011

Ian Wade, G3NRW

Full hardware details of the cabling between the two units, including the use of an Elad antenna changeover switchbox. Plus full information on how to configure the HB9DRV SDR‑Radio software


HOWTO monitor TS-590S CAT commands


4 Dec 2012

Ian Wade, G3NRW

Step-by-step instructions on configuring and using the HHD Serial Monitor utility, with supporting information on PuTTY, USBDeview and Portmon. Useful for monitoring and debugging CAT commands and responses. (Although written specifically for the TS-590S, the methodology will work with any radio that uses CAT commands). Minor update




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25 Jul 2012

Dave H Freese, Jr, W1HKJ

The TS-590S RigCAT file for fldigi. Updated 25 July 2012, to include Data Mode Bandwidth Control by Robert Garcia, K5DTE. The update allows you to control the filter bandwidth via the fldigi interface and also allows you to use macros to control it:

      The <FILWID:500><QSYTO> macro narrows the filter to 500 Hz and centers the selected signal in the passband of the filter

      The <FILWID:2500><QSYFM> macro completely widens the filter bandwidth and returns to the previous frequency

      It is important to note that you must set the "Sweet Spot" option in the configuration (Misc > Sweet Spot) to 1500 Hz as that is the center of the passband on the TS-590S


N1MM Logger Setup

Select file “KenwoodTS-590SCodec 2011-04-02.pdf”


2 Apr 2011

John J Eigenbrode, K4SKB, and John K Bednar, K3CT

Step-by-step instructions on setting up the N1MM Logger to communicate with the TS-590S using a native USB connection (rather than a USB-to-serial adapter)


HOWTO configure the TS-590S for Digital Voice Keying (DVK)


8 Oct 2011

Rin Fukuda, JG1VGX

Get ready for serious contesting!






Don Snodgrass, K4QKY

A useful collection of HOWTOs, including:

     General setup – the basic menu settings for SSB and Digital

- Setting up for USB using the ARCP590 Software

- Configuring the Internal TX EQ

Don also has a separate page covering a detailed explanation of Digital Audio setup for the TS-590


TS-590S HOWTO: Digital QuickStart


2 Nov 2012

Ian Wade, G3NRW

Guidance on getting started with several well-known digital packages. Added details of setup for MixW CAT control and an introduction to digital modes by Scott Traurig, WU2O


TS-590S HOWTO: Remote Operation


7 May 2012

Ian Wade, G3NRW

Full details on setting up the TS-590S for remote operation over the internet. Uses Skype and TeamViewer. Includes the capability to send monitored sidetone audio along the same path as the RX audio. This means that from the comfort of your local PC you can listen to the radio’s TX Monitor, letting you check and adjust the quality of the TX audio in (more or less) real time – no more guessing how your signal might sound thousands of miles away!


TS-590S HOWTO: SSTV QuickStart


5 Jun 2012

Ian Wade, G3NRW

How to configure MMSSTV for slow scan TV on the TS‑590S. Full details of software settings and radio menu settings. Examples of removal of noise from pictures


Adding a Pan-adapter to the Kenwood TS-590S


15 Sep 2012

Jack Bryant, KE4ID

How to use a SoftRock with HDSDR software to function as a panadapter with the TS-590S


TS-590S HOWTO: Firmware
Q & A


2 Oct 2012

Ian Wade, G3NRW
Dick Kriss, AA5VU

The basic steps in updating the TS-590S firmware, for both Windows PCs and Macs


Kenwood TS-590S RX OUT adapter cable


5 Oct 2012

Jack Bryant, KE4ID

Describes how to make a simple “Receiver Out” adapter cable for the TS-590S, so a second receiver (for example, an SDR such as the SoftRock Ensemble II Receiver) can be connected and used as a panadapter. This enables the second receiver to use the same transmit antenna and receive antennas that the TS‑590S internal receiver uses. Use of this cable requires no hole drilling and no soldering to the TS‑590S.


N1MM Macros for TS-590

Rev 1


Bjorn Mohr, SM0MDG

Settings to make N1MM and the Kenwood TS-590 work better together. Includes settings for:

     Wide/Narrow buttons filters in band map.

     Play VGS-1 Voice Keyer memories from F-Keys

     Clear RIT after every contact


Overcoming the confusing instructions for the VGS-1 voice recorder

Select file: Overcoming the confusing instructions for using the VGS-1.pdf”



Gary McDuffie,


A supplement to the TS-590S Instruction Manual, clarifying how to use the VGS-1


TS-590S HOWTO: SSB Audio Setup


26 Oct 2012

Ian Wade, G3NRW

Step-by-step guide to setting up really effective TX audio on the TS-590S. Includes background information on:

        Factors that affect the audio

        Menu A/ Menu B organization

        TX equalizers

        Low/High Cut filters

        ALC and speech processing.

Includes large diagrams showing in detail the permissible levels for ALC and compression.

Hardware requirements.

Detailed setup procedures for unprocessed and processed audio.

Appendix 1 describes the use of ARCP-590 for setting up User-defined TX equalizer profiles.

Appendix 2 describes how to record TX audio, using an undocumented TS-590S feature for feeding the monitored audio to a PC via the USB cable


Using an Electret Condenser Microphone with the TS-590S



Rob Connelly, W1AEX

Are you hearing distortion when you transmit with your electret mic? It could be that you need to add a few components to clean it up.

Complete with schematic showing how to add a couple of resistors and a capacitor to achieve a stable 8v supply to the mic.

Details about halfway down this page


Using a GE Stereo headset with the TS-590S


15 Jul 2012

Jerry Haigwood, W5JH

Based on the design by Rob Connelly, W1AEX (HOWTO #21 above), but also including PTT switching. Detailed photos showing the construction of a headset adapter for the GE Stereo headset from Walmart (item 38974)


Kenwood TS-590 TX Modification



Roar Dehli, LA4AMA

Full details on how to open up the TS-590S to transmit on the 60m band (5.250-5.450 MHz), and also to transmit across the whole HF range (1.705-30.000 MHz). Complete with detailed close-up photos showing exactly which components are involved




22 Jul 2013

Ian Wade,


Explains how to use the TS-590S AUTO Mode, with particular emphasis on how AUTO Mode can help keep SSB transmissions (voice or data) in band on 60m.

Contains a full example of AUTO Mode frequency/mode pairs for 30 kHz up to 21 MHz and beyond, including specific definitions for the UK 60m band


How to Integrate the Kenwood TS-590S with AFEDRI – NET SDR & CW Skimmer


9 Sep 2013

Bob Alexander, GM0DEQ

Detailed hardware and software instructions for fully integrating a TS-590S with CW Skimmer, Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) logging and AFEDRI – NET SDR, plus other clever pieces of software.

Covered in five parts:

      Part 1 – Connecting the AFEDRI – NET SDR to the PC incorporating SDR# and CW Skimmer

      Part 2 – Connecting the TS-590S to HRD using Virtual Serial Port Splitter (VSPE)

      Part 3 – Connecting DX Commander and Skim to Commander

      Part 4 – Converting CW Skimmer Spots for HRD

      Part 5 – TS-590S and ELAD Switch Box Integration


TS-590 audio handling via USB


19 Sep 2013

Don Snodgrass, KG9OM

Describes a suggested scheme for voice processing and routing transmit and receive audio via USB for use on the phone bands. Includes details of some interesting audio processing packages (Breakaway Live Audio Processor, Ableton Live, LiveProfessor, Sonos)


Kenwood TS-590 remote control with a Google Android tablet


16 Mar 2014

Alan, G0TLK

A step-by-step checklist for using an Android tablet to control a TS-590 through a wireless network. Includes details of Skype and TeamViewer configuration


How To Key Your Amplifiers with the TS-590S/TS-590SG or TS-990S


19 Dec 2014

Rin Fukuda, JG1VGX

A detailed and very clear explanation of how to key your amplifier. Illustrated by clear diagrams and photos


TS-590SG Audio Setup


Mar 2015

Joel Huntley, WA1ZYX

TS-590SG USB settings for: 
       CW/WinKey interface
       FSK interface and DVK interface
       CW Machine

       microKEYER router settings for PTT's FSK