This section contains a list of issues and suggestions from TS-590S users for improvements to the radio. As the TS-590S has now been superseded by the TS-590SG, this listing is included  for historical record



Hardware Issue

Software Issue


Firmware Suggestions / Issues

Software Suggestion


# 001        

Oct 2010






Receiver failed without warning. Cause identified as inadequate fuse rating (F901, 375mA). Since November 2010 (serial number "B0B" and later) Kenwood has fitted a 500mA fuse instead, and this seems to have fixed the problem.

# 002        

7 Sep 2011






Error in the Service Manual. Block Diagram, page 136, bottom right-hand corner. The IC number/part number pair for the USB Hub and the USB-UART Bridge should be transposed.

# 003        

28 Feb 2011






ALC overshoot (with firmware v1.02). Largely mitigated in later firmware versions, but still present in v1.06. Those running barefoot are in the clear but those with amps may have problems.

# 004        

25 Oct 2011






Not able to listen to two different CW frequencies using two different bandwidth settings via the TF-SET button. Prefer to have the capability to Enable/Disable a feature that allows IF-FIL-A/B to follow VFO-A/B respectively regardless of modes of operation. Maybe holding SPLIT while pressing IF-FIL could toggle the feature ON/OFF.

# 005        

17 Jan 2012






Error in the Instruction Manual, top of page 55. In the final part of the Programmable Function Key Table (function numbers 202 onwards), the last entry should read "255 OFF No function".

# 006        

17 Jan 2012






Error in the PC Control Command Reference Guide, page 9. At the top of the page the parameters for the programmable function keys (Menu 079-086) should read "000 ~ 255 (3-digit)".

# 007        

23 Jan 2012






DATA TX MONI control: Insufficient adjustment.

Suggest increasing the number of steps from 10 to 25 to provide greater range and finer control.

# 008        

31 Jan 2012






Error in the PC Control Command Reference Guide, page 25. UR/UT command. Profile is inverted. Text should read "Each parameter has a range from 00 ~ 30 (where 00 is +6dB .... to a minimum of -24dB at 30)".

# 009        

19 Mar 2012






In DSP mode DSP IF filter cannot be set in the low frequency half of the waterfall and the selectable frequency step size is unsuitable for digital modes (based on JT65 experience).

Requested change to DATA DSP filter operation: change Shift frequency range to 50-2500Hz (currently 1000-2210) and Shift frequency step size to 20Hz (currently 100). [In hindsight that step size would need a variable rate control where fast rotation gives a larger step size. Just increasing the range would be a big improvement and maybe halving the step size to 50].

# 010        

11 May 2012






CW sidetone volume too loud even when Menu 4 is reduced down to "1".

# 011        

11 May 2012






In FSK the TX MONI volume is too loud even when reduced to "1".

# 012        

16 Jun 2012






The VGS recording is distorted when played back, especially when listening via tx-monitor. The problem is pronounced when using processor.

# 013        

16 Jun 2012






ARCP-590 Ver 1.02 software locks up. Windows 7/64, 7/32, XP. Reproducible symptoms:

1.     Right-click on the Windows desktop.

2.     Click on “Properties”. The “Display Properties” dialog box appears.

3.     Click on “OK” in the “Display Properties” dialog box. ARCP-590 freezes on the display, and all CAT
traffic between the PC and the radio (via the USB port) also freezes.

# 014        

17 Jun 2012






Feature request: Allow transmission of off-the-air recording (rec #4).

# 015        

17 Jun 2012






Feature request: Option to enable/disable bypassing processor (if on) when playing recordings, so if using one to call CQ it won't sound different than when you respond on the mic.

# 016        

17 Jun 2012






Feature request: Menu item to display input voltage, including during tx.

# 017        

23 Jun 2012






Feature request: Modify the power setting menu to allow a separate power setting for each antenna.

# 018        

7 Nov 2012






Error in the PC Control Command Reference Guide, page 20. SH/SL command. Second bullet. “Width” and “Shift” should be transposed. Text should read "In SSB Data mode, the SH command is used for Shift and the SL command is used for Width."

# 019        

14 Nov 2012






Lack of audio de-coupling to the 8VDC source at pin 5 of the front panel microphone connector causes severe transmit audio distortion with many electret microphones that use this voltage source for phantom power. Suggest that a passive resistor/capacitor audio de-coupling circuit be added inside the TS-590S behind the microphone connector to resolve this.

For example, see the schematic about halfway down this page: http://www.w1aex.com/ts590s/ts590s.html