1. The SO-3 High Stability Crystal Controlled Oscillator (TCXO): Improve the radio's stability to +/- 0.5 ppm with the Kenwood SO-3 TCXO module.

2. The Voice Guide and Storage Unit (VGS-1): Save brief voice messages for transmission with the Kenwood VGS-1 module. Also helpful for sight-impaired users.

3. The "Transmit on All Bands" option: The "ToAB" option is necessary if you live outside North America and want to transmit on the 60m (5 MHz) band. The "option" involves snipping a link inside the radio and resetting the radio. Your dealer will do this on request before shipping the TS-590SG to you, provided ToAB is permitted in your local license jurisdiction. (Much easier to have the dealer do it first, rather than shipping the radio back afterwards just for "the snip").

(If you live in North America, the radio is already configured and ready to go on the US 60m channels).


When you have received and unpacked your brand new TS-590SG, don't forget to do the following:

1. Get to know the TS-590SG section of the Resources Page: There you will find all the known Kenwood documentation and software for the radio collected together for easy reference.

2. Read the TS-590SG documentation: Click on the red "TS-590SG DOCUMENTATION" button for almost everything you need to know about the radio. Hint: Print the Instruction Manual PDF file and save it in a binder. Much easier to turn the pages, and you can write notes all over the copy. (Then you can preserve the original manual in pristine condition for when you decide to sell the radio ....)

3. Try the TS-590SG software: Click on the red "TS-590SG SOFTWARE" button for all of Kenwood's software for the radio. You will need the Virtual COM Port (VCP) software to support serial communication via the USB cable, and ARCP-590G to control the radio from your PC. Note: ARCP-590G is not the same as ARCP-590 (ARCP-590 is for controlling the older TS-590S, and will not work with the TS590-SG).

When you run ARCP-590G, learn how to backup the radio's settings (click on "Files > Save Settings and Write Settings"). You will need to backup the radio whenever you install a firmware update.

4. Get to know the "COMMON" section of the Resources Page: This section contains much information that is broadly common to the TS-590SG and TS-590S. This includes HOWTOs, Hints and Tips, General TechNotes, Third-Party Software and a large section on Amplifiers. To go to the COMMON section, click  here 

5. Make a note of your radio's serial number: The serial number is on a label just below the ANT2 connector on the rear panel of the radio, and should begin with the characters "B4A", "B4B" or "B5-" -- for example "B4A00246". These first three characters indicate the year/month when the radio was manufactured. For a table showing recent months of manufacture, click on "TS-590SG HOW MANY?" in the "TS-590SG" section.

6. Above all, remember you are not alone: There are already many thousands of TS-590SG/TS-590S owners throughout the world, and many of them are members of the two TS-590 Yahoo discussion groups. For details, go to the "COMMON" section and click on the  "MISCELLANEOUS" button , then use the  "YAHOO DISCUSSION GROUPS" button to go to the relevant groups.. If you need help, just ask in one or both of the groups.