Changing the COM port ~~~ How to change a COM port number (applies to USB and serial ports)

Serial Port Monitor ~~~ Intercept, display and analyze all data exchanged over a COM port connection. Very useful for debugging CAT commands

USBDeview ~~~ A small utility that lists details of all USB devices on your computer. Also load the 'Vendor Name' And 'Product Name' database into the same folder as USBDeview for a more detailed display of USB device information

PuTTY ~~~ A serial port (and SSH/telnet) client. Very useful debugging tool for sending/receiving CAT commands to/from the radio

PortMon ~~~ The port monitor tool from SysInternals

RoMac Sound Card Manager ~~~ A QuickMix replacement. Save audio levels for individual digital packages. Works with all versions of Windows

Clean digital signals tutorial ~~~ by Nige, G7CNF. Includes details of how to set up the Windows Volume Mixer gain levels correctly and how to make sure the signal sampling rates are correct. Although prepared for an SDR transceiver, the principles in this tutorial apply equally to the TS-590. A must-view for everyone transmitting digital signals